LWV Ann Arbor Area, Brighton/Howell Geographical Unit

News about LWV/Brighton Howell Area

Primary Forum A Polite Affair, July 2018


"The primary forum hosted by Voter’s Voice and the League of Women Voters of Brighton/Howell on Thursday was a hugely boring affair.  And that’s a really, really good thing..."

Preventable Threat From Line 5 to Great Lakes


"...The League of Women Voters is hosting a meeting on the support of closing the controversial Line 5 oil pipeline that runs under the Straits of Mackinac."

Voters Encouraged to "Follow the Money in Michigan Politics"

League of Women Voters Brighton, Howell Area, MI, Craig Maguer, Campaign Finance Network, Livingston

"A presenter on campaign finance says citizens must do their due diligence in researching the financial supporters behind a political candidate."

LWV Seeks to Bridge Political Divide In Livingston County


"In an age of stark political divisions, it may seem difficult to find a middle ground. Terri Wilkerson, along with other members of the newly formed League of Women Voters Brighton/Howell area unit, aims to change that..."

League of Women Voters Preparing To "Promote the Vote"


"The local League of Women Voters Unit is eager to educate citizens about a proposal to amend Michigan’s constitution as it pertains to certain voter’s rights."

LWV Reboots Efforts In Livingston County

League of Women Voters restarts in Livingston County, Brighton, Howell, MI

"A national organization recognized for registering and informing voters reintroduced themselves to residents of Livingston County, Wednesday."