LWV Ann Arbor Area, Brighton/Howell Geographical Unit

LWV takes stands on issues, not candidates


Through a process of study and consensus, members of the League of Women Voters of Michigan take positions on public policy issues. While the League never supports or opposes candidates for office or political parties, we do lobby our elected officials to advance these positions. Below is only a summary of the League's state positions.

Some Issues Supported by the Michigan Chapter of the LWV

Proposal 2 - Redistricting


Voters approved Proposal 2 on the November 2018  Michigan ballot. This ballot proposal calls for an Independent Commission to establish district lines to eliminate drawing district lines for any party's political gain (gerrymandering). 

However, this does not help voters for 2020. Therefore, the League of Women voters joined a lawsuit to change that. The lawsuit asks a court to declare the current electoral map unconstitutional. It also asks the court to require the state to redraw the lines fairly. Click here for more details 

Proposal 3 - Voting Changes


Voters approved Proposal 3 on the November 2018  Michigan ballot. Voters will have the option to vote straight party. Also, now citizens are automatically registered to vote at the Secretary of States, unless the citizen declines. Additionally anyone can request an absentee ballot without having to give a reason. Plus, ballots will be mailed to our military overseas in a more timely fashion, election results will be audited, and it will be easier to vote with extended deadlines for registration and voting in person. There will even be weekend hours now. Lastly, Prop 3 legally assures that our votes will be secret.

Why we matter


Our leaders and volunteers work on key issues that matter to American voters. We fight for an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive and we hold elected officials accountable for the decisions they make. Our activists mobilize to send tens of thousands of personal messages to political leaders nationwide that has impacted public policy for decades.

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