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Michigan Voter Rights and Election Law Activity

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Know your voting rights!

How secure are our elections?

What does the Secure MI Vote ballot proposal actually say?

  • Read for yourself the Secure Mi Vote Petition Language
  • According to the Campaign Finance report filed on November 2, of the approximately $85,000 raised by the Ballot Question Committee, $80,000 came from one donor, Ron Weiser, chair of the MI Republican Party.

What's happening with Voting Rights Laws in Washington DC?


League of Women Voters of Michigan opposes anti-voter bills and Secure MI Vote ballot proposal.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan opposes Secure MI Vote Ballot Proposal as a voter suppression effort. The LWVMI has been vocal against bills that restrict voting rights and make it more difficult to administer elections, especially after Michigan voters in 2018 overwhelmingly affirmed their desire to make voting more convenient and accessible for all through Proposal 3. 

Current Voting Laws in Michigan

Proposed Changes to Michigan's Voting Laws

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Michigan Redistricting

Nov. 12, 2021: Map Proposals are Published and Available for Public Comment (click to view)

45 Day Public Comment Period 

As required by the Constitutional Amendment, the 45 day public comment period started when the maps were published on November 12.

If the MICRC changes any of the maps’ district boundaries during this 45 day public comment period, it will trigger another 45 day public comment period following the publication of the new map. The public is encouraged to comment on which of the published maps should be chosen or rejected by the MICRC on December 28. 

December 28 Vote on Final Maps 

On December 28, 2021, Commissioners will choose final maps, using the process outlined in the Michigan Constitution, as follows:
  • The collaborative maps for each type of district, U.S. Congress, state Senate and state House, will be voted upon separately. A majority vote including at least 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats and 2 Independents is required to approve the maps.
  • If #1 is not successful, they will use a form of Ranked Choice Voting. Each Commissioner may submit one plan for each type of district.
  • If Ranked Choice Voting is not successful, the Secretary of State will use a random choice method to select the final map from maps submitted by Commissioners. 


 Livingston County

The Observer Corps is a group of League members who agree to observe meetings of groups that regularly meet. This is an opportunity to get informed on issues that matter to your community by learning what public organizations do, who runs them, how they impact the community and just what the issues are.

We are seeking member volunteers to observe one or more government entities.  The extent of your commitment is flexible, dependent on what you’d like to take on. Meetings may be attended in person, on zoom, or viewed on the entity’s website. Quick training is available and the documentation of the meetings is simple. Find the Observer Report Form on our Observer Corp Page

Volunteers can observe whatever government agencies are of interest to them or the League. Our Observer Corps will attend meetings of the County Commissioners, city councils, township boards, library boards, and school boards. There are also meetings of other relevant entities such as planning commission, road commission, drain commission, etc. Find schedules on our Observer Corp Page

Your observations become part of our League’s mission to educate voters. Observations can help us in planning for candidate forums or informational presentations to our community.

Sound interesting?  Contact us at:

What Does The LWV do in Livingston County?

The LWV assists eligible persons to register to vote, providing information and supporting Register To Vote events.

We provide voters with non-partisan information on candidate positions and issues.

We educate our members and the public on important topics. Recent forums topics  have included  Rank-Choice Voting,  the Census,  Redistricting, PFAS Contamination,  and Line 5.

LWV members observe and report on government meetings and polling locations to ensure  transparency in our government.

The LWV advocates for national and state level policies which support voter rights.


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Democracy is not a spectator sport.

The League offers opportunities to learn about and  be involved with issues important to our democracy,  and to connect with  others who may disagree politically (we need diverse perspectives)  but  value the democratic process.  

Our name honors the women who founded the League in 1919 at the advent of women's suffrage, but we welcome ALL people aged 16 and older to join us. 

It is important work.  We could do more with your help.  Learn more...

Learn More About the League of Women Voters from our State and National Web Sites: