The League of Women Voters in the Brighton/Howell Area of Michigan

Welcome to the Brighton Howell Area Unit of the League of Women Voters!


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We are non-partisan. Everyone is welcome! That means all political backgrounds and genders - the League is not "just" women. You need not be a member to attend any event listed below. Events are free, unless noted.  NOTE: Our meeting days, times, and locations vary!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019  6:00-8:00 p.m.  Voter Rights Changes

Howell Carnegie Library, Meabon Room 314 W. Grand River, Howell, MI

With the passage of Proposal 3, a number of changes and improvements occurred. Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley and Elections Coordinator Joe Bridgman will talk to us about these and their roles with clerk's office and elections.

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About Us


We realized that to become more engaged with what is going on in Livingston County, we need to understand local issues and learn about those who represent (and want to represent) us. Several of us have been members of the League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area. We were impressed by their inclusive, civil, non-partisanship approach. We asked if they would help us start a League of Women Voters (LWV) chapter in Livingston County. Because the LWV is concerned about keeping a good, neutral reputation, there is a long mentoring process involved. The rules state that those expressing interest in starting a LWV in their area begin by becoming a "unit of Geographical Interest" which we now are.

In early 2018, The LWV of the Ann Arbor Area agreed to mentor us which is why we have such a long formal name which is 

"The League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area - Brighton/Howell Area Unit". 

Get Involved


Join us! There is much work to be done in Livingston County. The work of many makes the load lighter and more fun! Our beginning priorities are getting Promote the Vote on the ballot this fall to keep voting secure and make it more convenient, voter registration, and understanding why redistricting matters. As our membership increases, we would like to host candidate forums so we can meet those who want to represent us and host informational forums to understand what issues directly effect us.

Thank You


We are very appreciative of the many who fought for nearly 100 years for a woman's right to vote.  With the right to vote came the realization that there is responsibility to learn about candidates and issues. This led to the formation of League of Women Voters (LWV) in 1920. The LWV has always been non-partisan. Today's LWV is very gender inclusive.  Our members are passionate activists who support our work in all 50 states and in more than 700 communities. Join us today! We welcome everyone!