DK Milk, On High Heels in a Fierce Competition

DK Milk, On High Heels in a Fierce Competition

By: DK Milk A/S

DK Milk, On High Heels in a Fierce Competition
DK Milk, On High Heels in a Fierce Competition

Start date:  January 21, 2022 7:24 AM

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On high heels in fierce competition
Daisy Krongaard has built a global trading com pany from the ground up . Part of the recipe is not thinking like a man .
Five-y ear-old Daisy Krongaard is sitting at the kitchen table on her farm in Haderslev. Her father is talking about interests. something that has to be paid. But he seems to have got it wrong .
"Dad, interest is something y ou get,'·says the young lady.
The stiletto heels slam down and send sound waves across the parking lot. With determined steps at a pace that instils respect in people who know about high heels, Daisy Krongaard heads for the four-wheel BMW drive.
From the address in  Nørresundby , she runs dairy product deals worth
mill ions to all over the world and DK Milk A/S has secured her a place in Børsen´s Gazelles newspaper of 2009.
CEO Daisy Krongaard is probably the only woman in the world who can pur her capacity as CEO and majority shareholder of a global dairy business trading company on her business card. And she has built it by herself - all the way from scratch.
And it draws the attention of a lot of the  business markets, such as N orth Africa and the Middle East.
'·80% her work, 10% timing, 1 0% luck and stern cost control."
The CEO juggles coffee and documents before she takes her seat i n the meeting room. Well prepared. I haven ·1 asked the first question yet, but the explanation to Daisy Krongaard 's latest success has already been given.
"And I wouldn't dream of buying anything that I can"t sell for more at a later stage," she adds laughing. She has tumed 40 she says. and then we will  not talk about age anymore. But what is good  leadership to the CEO?
Every person is unique
''Leadership is exciting and every person is unique . Trading business need people who can think by themselves all the way from A to Z, also in stressful situation. I am rather demanding I think , as we all know that women generally are. And that means that my employees are positively challenged. But good leadership is ultimately when people reach a higher level than they thought they could reach. But that  rarely happens without some initial resistance. Good coaching is also to getting people to fight more and better. For example, a no from a potential customer is not  good enough. Affecting people and bringing out more fighter i nstinct, watching them grow with the task.'"
Wh at ha s s urpri s ed you the most about be ing a wo man in this position ?
'·That it is expected of women to alway s be polite and smiling. It is more acceptable for a man to be tough, not to smile and at times be a "stupid pig'"."
Whe re d o y ou g e t y our leader s hip in s p i ration ?
·'From my business network of 20 years. Lately I have become very close with architects and designers. That's a totally different platform. And from my travels. I travel up to 120 days per year and I meet a lot of exciting people. The more open you are, the more you get in return. And it is my belief that women are more attentive than men in general.
They pick up on more signals around them. Some men still have trouble maintaining  their facade , not losing face. Women are perhaps not so afraid of being seen through or of being more open and seeking," Daisy Krongaard says.
Fighting authorities
The adventure is a major motivator for the CEO who very seldom gets scared - neither when she is travelling in South Africa on her own amongst corrupted customers and authorities, or when bombs go off during a business trip to Algeria , or when millions fly through  the room  during a negotiation . About ten years ago, she went to South Africa on her own to fight the African authorities to get 200 tons of confiscated milk powder out of the country again. The DKK 1.8 million worth products were returned.
Daisy Krongaard knows that she is different from all the other men in business suits and uses it to her advantage.
·'The first ten years was a "party" in a male dominated world . 1And   I enjoyed the attention I got because I was a woman. In the last ten years, I have seen through the men and I miss having more women on the scene. When a man says he will buy 500 tons. in reality he 's only buying about 200 tons,"' she says.
Up close with Daisy Krongaard
Daisy Krongaard is building her vacation home on a lot in Aarhus overlooking the Kalø castle ruins.
"I just came out of a four-year  relationship abroad and I 'm now creating a wider base here in Denmark ," she openly says.
She hasn't  found a new sweetheart  yet, but  she's willing  to make  room  for  him.
Daisy Krongaard is a cancer and interested in both astrology and clairvoyance.
She uses clairvoyance whenever she has to make a tough decision - to see if she's on the right track.
Even if you are successful in your career and you have a good financial situation. it's not always enough and fulfilling in all aspects of your life. I have used clairvoyance in times when I have been strong, so I guess you could say that I have been using it backwards ," she explains .
      Daisy Krongaard is aware of her life and her freedom .
We only get one life and it is possible to have champagne on other days than Saturdays. Sunsets and presence can be enjoyed all year round. It's fantastic to have all these opportunities. It's '·earned'. freedom on all fronts. But my drive has grown. Creating. Seeing something grow and flourish. Being a cancer, motherhood is in my genes. For now, the business and the projects are my babies," she says.
And she is born with a sense of business.
"I guess you  could say that I try to maximize and use it to the full!. When you've been raised on a farm, you learn that there is close link  between  action, consequence and subsequent costs," Daisy Krongaard says.