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from Apr 7, 2022 to Apr 7, 2023

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

ㅇ Raw material for final products(pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food)
ㅇ Ingredients : Red ginseng extract 100%(6 years old, Korea), Ginsenoside(Rg1+Rb1+Rg3) 6mg/g~20mg/g
ㅇ It can be produced and supplied on your demand.


Offer to sell small samples

from Apr 1, 2022 to Apr 8, 2023

Small Sample sales Offer | Air Purifier Sterilizer(Mobile type)all-in-one50

Air Purifier Sterilizer(Mobile type)all-in-one50

※ On-line Sample Mall

● Surface area : 710sq ft(66㎡)
● Power supply : 110~220V AC(Max.70W)
● Size : 600(W) x 154(D) X 620(H)mm600(W) x 220(D) x 704(H)mm (Stand)

Offer to sell small samples

from Mar 30, 2022 to Mar 30, 2023

Small Sample sales Offer

LABZONE’s integrated indoor air-quality management system(TAMREIN) is a product optimized for air quality management in multi-use facilities that integrate air purification, air sterilization, air-quality measurement, clean ventilation, remote monitoring, and remote-control functions.

Youtube :

TAMREIN consists of a ceiling-mounted air purification-sterilization device, an indoor-air-quality measurement device, and an integrated management system.

GNST(Good Night Sleep Tight) Good Skin Condition Makes Baby's Quality Sleep.

from Mar 25

Honest ingredients, Relieble effects.

The Best Premium Baby Skin Care Brand
Once you use it, you can't get out of our products.
For a baby, It must have to be pure, mild, and organic.

The GNST CEO is Junseok-Park who has a son.
He wants to make his baby sleep tight.
He believed that improving skin immune makes the baby sleep tight.
So he established GNST to make the best baby skin care products.
As parents, We produce every skin care product.
Also we thought we need to make the perfect baby skin care product even if it's expensive.
So we found The Pyrus Ussuriensis, the main ingredient of the products, which only live in Korea.
After a lot of study, we got a patent about Pyrus Ussuriensis Leaf Extract, which is good for relieving atopy. 
Additionally, our products also contain 8 hyaluronic acid, 8 herbal extracts, 5 medicinal mushroom extracts, and natural grade ceramides.

Buy Ukrainian Goods - Invest in Peace!

from Mar 19, 2022 to May 30, 2022

Buy Ukrainian Goods - Invest in Peace!
Start date:  March 20, 2022 10:25 PM
End date:  May 30, 2022 9:25 PM
If you feel Ukraine is fighting for your future as well - support Ukrainian enterpises, still exporting their products.

Even if you don't need some tools, toys, textiles, giftware - you can buy them just to support Ukrainian people, who keep working on their places.

You can choose any exporter from the list here and find out if the Ukrainian company can sell their products to you.


BPA free silicone straws for kids

from Mar 21, 2022 to May 23, 2022

Eco friendly, colorful silicone products for kids

Copper Alloy tubes

from Mar 20

BS Metal is a global leader providing Copper & Copper alloy tubes, many kinds of fin tubes, titanium tubes, stainless tubes for customers in multiple markets including power station, refrigeration and appliance, petrochemical, ship-building, desalination.

Namo Author

from Mar 20

Turning all contents into an interactive E-Book with Namo Author! 
For anyone looking to publish E-Book, Namo Author, an E-book authoring tool, is here and ready to help. By publishing E-Book in EPUB 3.0, your E-book will be even more dynamic, more engaging and more interesting than before. With all supportive functions, Namo Author can produce any types of E-book including textbook, magazine, novels, and many more! No previous programming or specialized skills required.  Highly recommend for authors or publishers who want to convert their book into E-Book which will expand their readership. 
Currently, we are looking for partners who are seeking to own an exclusive right to sell Namo Author's license in their countries.

compressor diaphragm

from Mar 16

It is composed of core parts of steam and gas turbines of nuclear, hydro, thermal and combined cycle power plants. Steam or gas passes through the blades inside the turbine at high temperature and high pressure, making it a high-speed rotating power source, and then turning the generator to generate electricity. 

Chemical Name : (Synthetic) Magnesium Silicate

from Mar 20

Seawardsol (Brand name) is synthetic magnesium silicate, which is amorphous and odorless white powder and applicable to various fields including Industrial, food, environment and pharmaceuticals as an adsorbent, filter aids and a filler while the biggest application now is to applying as an adsorbent for polyol production to remove residues after the reaction of catalysts like KOH or NaOH, under the industrial grades. Soon we'll introduce new item for food grades applying to edible oil filteration.


from Mar 21

10 Reasons Silk is Great
• Natural protein fiber, one of the three major natural fibers.
• Made of natural fiber, it is non-allergenic and harmless to the human body.
• It is a fabric with a soft atmosphere that is flexible and stretchy.
• It features silky tone with luxurious gloss and tint and vivid color.
• Unlike cotton or wool, it is long-fiber from the beginning.
• It is comfortable to wear and has excellent hygroscopicity, moisture resistance, warmth and UV protection.
• Binary structure made up of two proteins (fibroin and sericin).
• It has various characteristics not found in other fibers due to irregular cross-sectional shape and thickness and fine microstructure.
• It is a non-polluting fiber that does not cause waste, wastewater or air pollution.
• Does not generate static electricity and does not burn easily.


from Mar 20


Device control air temperature from AC vents, recirculation/outside air
intake and actuate the HVAC door flap to control air direction

This device controls the dampers of heater units and blower units in vehicle HVAC systems to control air flow. There are 3 types of Actuators: Mode, Temp, and Intake. Mode and Temp are installed on Heater Units, and Intake is installed on Blower Units.

Adjusting DAMPER of HVAC to control airflow direction, temperature, air circulation - Less noise - Slim and light - Simplified process with easy mounting - Increased durability

Air Door Actuator, HVAC Actuator, HVAC, Damper, Motor, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Mode, Temp, Actuator

Air chiller

from Mar 20

: Without a separate electric device, through the supply of compressed air, the supplied air is rapidly cooled and sprayed.
By cooling various heating parts during parts processing and product production, it shortens product production time and provides many effects on quality improvement.

1) Purpose of use
: Cooling machining/cutting and drilling parts, local cooling of high-temperature heating parts, cooling of CNC lathes/milling/cutting parts, cooling of tools and grinding parts/injection parts cooling, cooling of heating parts in other product production


from Mar 13

- It's an ideal bandage made closest to our skin color.
- Biocompatibility test passed adhesive used so safe for skin irritation and soft material used.
- Cushion pads containing benzalconium chloride, a disinfectant, provide excellent protection and sterilization of the wound.
- The absorbent cushion pad is treated with polyethylene net so It doesn't stick to the wound and does not irritate.

SUNNY HOME Moisture Absorber

from Mar 16

SUNNY HOME Moisture Absorber 9.17oz Unscented for Home.
Sunny Home Silica Gel Premium Safe Silica Gel Packs Desiccant and Dehumidifiers – Rechargeable Silica Gel Packets for Moisture Absorber.

Composite water tank internal reinforcement

from Mar 16

This is an internal reinforcing material applied with a composite material to solve various problems caused by corrosion of the water tank's internal reinforcing material. It is an innovative product with high tensile strength, semi-permanent product life, and price competitiveness.

ATOMU Essence Original

from Mar 20

Product Name : ATOMU Essence Original
Brand Name : ATOMU
Weight : 130g
Length : 43mm
Width : 43mm
Height : 123mm
Original : KOREA

Key Features
✔️MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN - This Sensitive skincare Serum for your face which is made with fermented ingredients. Safe, non-toxic, gentle enough for daily use.
✔️BEST FOR - Customers who are suffering from itching, redness, and irritation associated with atopic dermatitis and eczema for children and adults.
✔️ZERO ACNE - It effectively works on acne, itchiness, atopy, eczema, irritation, and dryness.
✔️SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The product is dermatologically tested and verified as a zero-irritation product. This product is recommended for all skin types.
✔️ERBA Technology hydrating Vegan soap through ERBA Technology (Extract, Refining, Blending, Aging) leaves no fillers or any chemical residues.


from Mar 20

①Cost reduction : Reduce production costs by 30% through the process improvement, automation, and professional modeling.
②Shroterned period : Reduce production period by 50% (30~45 days) compared to the existing manual production method.(60~90 days)
③Eco-friendly materials : Produce tailored to international trends by printing shapes using eco-friendly materials.
④Process automation : Jun Engineering's simplified system reduced manufacturing process from 21 steps in to only 7 steps.
⑤Technical security : From Book-data-based process, improve to Security server and network based data acquistion for technical security.

Multi-purpose maritime drones

from Mar 20

Product function.
· Video shooting, screen transmission, self-driving, self-restoration in case of abalone.
· Position maintenance: Automatic position maintenance and turning function through GPS correction.
· Controller: Use of a self-developed controller (integrated)
· Fishing and aquaculture management. (Temperature test, salinity test, fish detection)
· Excellent resilience and resolution prevention function enable stable operation even after rollover.
· A water drone that can observe and analyze real-time weather and marine information. 

Cherry Blossoms Collagen Mask

from Mar 20

*Product Name : Cherry Blossoms Collagen Mask
*Product Type : Facial Sheet Mask
*Dimensions : 120*160 (mm)  / (pkg size) 180*220 (mm)
*Weight : 23g x 7ea
*Origin : Republic of Korea
*Main Ingredients :  Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Seaweed extract(Undaria Pinnatifida Extract,Laminaria Japonica Extract,Ecklonia Cava Extract)
*Key Features : Moisturizing and Vibrant skin
*MOQ : 1,000 SET (1SET: 7ea)

Cherry blossoms mark the beginning of spring and promote beauty through festivals every year, In Gyeongsangnam-do. ‘CHERRY BLOSSOMS COLLAGEN MASK PACK’ is designed with the motive of a cherry blossom festival and contains ingredients to maintain  beauty of the skin. Hoping season of skin will be spring.
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